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How we treat Bed Bugs as highly trained specialists

How we treat bed bugs as highly trained specialists?

Heat generating devices are used to create heat in the treatment area of a home in order to bring the temperature up to one that will eradicate Bed Bugs, along with the heaters we use high powered industrial fans which circulates air around the area to ensure that it quickly and evenly permeates.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments requires just one visit, if it has been applied correctly, and slowly, heat treatments for Bed Bugs cannot be rushed, and if you have a company that tells you it can be done within a couple of hours, then I can guarantee it will not work. The way I explain heat treatments to our customers is, it is like putting a chicken in the oven, if you put it on the right temperature it will cook evenly all the way through, if you turn the oven on high, then you will quickly burn the outside of the chicken and the chicken will not be cooked properly.

The best part of heat treatment is that you can return to your home after. This method leaves no chemicals or debris behind, meaning that it is completely safe. It may just be a little warm. But we will give you times that you may return

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