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Temperatures We Need to Reach For Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Temperatures in ( °f) Kill Zones
Bed Bugs 115°f   14 Minutes
Bed Bugs 120°f   7 Minutes
Bed Bugs 125°f   3 Minutes
Bed Bugs 130°f    1 Minute 

Temperatures We Need to Reach For German Cockroaches

Cockroach Temperatures in ( °f) Kill Zones
Cockroach 115°f   58 Minutes
Cockroach 120°f  27 Minutes
Cockroach 125°f   16 Minutes
Cockroach 130°f   7 Minutes 

Temperatures We Need to Reach For Moths

Moth Temperatures in ( °f) Kill Zones
Moths 120°f   30 Minutes

We Carry Out Heat Treatments For Bed Bugs , Moths Cockroaches & Many other Insects


We also offer contracts

Depending on the clients needs, we can offer insect monitoring contracts, this can be very helpful in some cases, for example, we have many clients that travel for work, this will make them more of a target to bring back Bed Bugs from their travels, as Bed Bugs are a transported pest.

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Environmetally  Friendly
Insect Heat Treatments

With all our Heat treatments they come with a full 6 month guarantee, full property surveys are required before any treatment can take place, there is a checklist of things required of the client and for our heat specialist team, this will help us to carry out the heat treatment to its full expectation.

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