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After our initial survey to your property we can visualise the treatments required, we can put our plan together with our recommendations for our clients too gather the correct information for a 100% Bed Bug, Moth or Cockroach eradication Gauranteed

Please read below carefully.

Property Preparation/Clients To Do List




• Other small items which are not heat sensitive, such as shoes, knick-knacks, toys, electronics (including CD’s and DVD’s), papers, books and magazines, and other loose items, can be placed in milk crates or open weave laundry baskets for treatment. All loose items must be off the floor, placed in baskets, and centred away from the walls.

• Larger electronics such as TV’s and computers should be left in place.

• Place un-laundered linens, towels, blankets, etc. LOOSELY into open-weave laundry baskets,


• Keep beds, couches, dressers or other pieces of furniture accessible and 12 inches away from all walls in the rooms to be treated. Do not stack other items on them. Drain / deflate any water or air beds.


Final steps

• Throw out all trash and vacuum thoroughly. The vacuum bag should be thrown out or dirt container emptied, but leave the vacuum to be heated.

• All house plants and pets, including fish, will need to be out by the morning of the service date.

• Wheel chairs and walkers must be treated. 

• If possible, increase the temperature on your home’s thermostat two hours before confirmed treatment start time.

• DO NOT apply your own insecticides before or after treatment. They often worsen the problem.

• Take minimal items with you when leaving your home during treatment. Clothing that you wear or take with you should be dried immediately upon returning home following treatment.

After the Heat Treatment Service

When you return, your home may still be warm. You may notice some things out of place - we have to move things in order to distribute the heat treatment evenly for the best outcome. While the disorder caused by heat treatment can be extensive, it is reduced by proper preparation. Carefully follow these instructions!




• All aerosol and pressurised cans – including hairspray, deodorants, bug spray, asthma inhalers, spray paint, fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks and cleaning products.

• Medication/Medicine, foods that can melt (like chocolate), and beverages. Put these items in the refrigerator.

• Anything made from wax – candles, wax figurines, crayons, waxy cosmetics and oil paintings.

• Vinyl records, photo negatives, film strips, ink printer cartridges.

• All flammable materials – butane lighters, lamp fuel, solvents, fuel for food warmers, ammunition, etc.

• Musical instruments (a piano may be treated, but will probably need tuning afterwards).

Leave these types of items inside the door in one or more containers or bags, clearly labeled “DO NOT HEAT”. We will inspect them for bed bugs and treat by other means if necessary. Wallpaper, linoleum tile, laminated furniture and laminates in general can be damaged by heat. Extreme Pest control is not responsible for damage to these or any items left in the home during heat treatment.

Bed bugs are a serious and challenging pest.

Thank you for doing your part in preparing your home.

Your cooperation is essential to the success of the bed bug treatment service!

We Carry Out Heat Treatments For Bed Bugs , Moths Cockroaches & Many other Insects

Our Mission

Is too ensure you have a complete Bed Bug, Moth, Cockroach etc, free premises with our Extreme Heat Technology, No insecticides used with our treatments which makes it completely safe for all the family or staff within the treated areas to return.

Our Mission

We also offer contracts

Depending on the clients needs, we can offer insect monitoring contracts, this can be very helpful in some cases, for example, we have many clients that travel for work, this will make them more of a target to bring back Bed Bugs from their travels, as Bed Bugs are a transported pest.

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