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Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs in a shared House in Essex

We was called out to a job that had Bed Bugs, it was a shared house in Essex, the tenants were getting bitten and asked the landlord to get a professional company in to deal with the bed bugs, after multiple sprays and washing of their clothes, the bed bugs were still there, this had been going on for over three months, the landlord reached out to us, as the tenants were going to leave, he needed a fast fix, but was a bit Dubious, as the previous companies could not eradicate the issue, we explained our

to the landlord which he had never heard of before, he did not know that heat can eradicate not only the bed bugs but the eggs as well, after a bit of convincing and showing him our 5 star reviews he went ahead with our suggestions, we used diesel run machines, and electric machines, with high temperature air movers, with all the equipment we use, we turn each room into a tumble drier effect, we gradually increase the heat in to the rooms and use the air movers to recirculate the hot air round and round, once the temperatures get to the kill zone, we start moving furniture to find the cold spots, so they can also reach high temperatures, needless to say, the tenants are happy, and we have a very happy landlord, we also have given a 6 month guarantee so they can sleep at ease, knowing if there is an issue we would return for free, please call us for any issues, Extreme Heat Uk Ltd

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