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Are These Bedbug Statements Myths Or The Truth?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Many people say a lot of things about bedbugs, but do you know if they are true or not? Lets find out if these are just myths.

Truth or lie?

As the years go on, the bedbug population is increasing rapidly, but along with the population growing, many more myths about these pests have grown as well. Bedbugs have been a huge problem for years and years and with us being experts in the field, we can now tell you if these statements really are myths or the truth!

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Truth or Myth?

  • Myth - Bedbugs only bite in the hours of darkness so you can not see them.

  • Truth - Even though bedbugs are more active during the night time, it will not help at all by leaving the lights on to try and prevent them from biting you.

  • Myth - Bedbugs give you diseases by biting you.

  • Truth - Bedbugs can not spread disease to humans by biting you, but make sure to keep an eye on your bites because if you scratch your bites with unclean nails it may cause an infection.

  • Myth - Bedbugs only live in dirty rooms.

  • Truth - Bed bugs do not chose between clean and dirty rooms and properties. They are just as likely to be found in top end properties if owners do not carry the correct pest control procedure. But in dirty environments a bed bug infestation might be harder to control.

  • Myth - You can't get bedbugs if you keep your house clean.

  • Truth - ANYONE can get bedbugs, it is very easy to pick them up. If you go into someones property and they have bedbugs and you don't know about them it only takes one to get on you and you have then carried them to your own house.

  • Myth - Bedbugs can go over a year without eating anything.

  • Truth - Bed bugs will survive a long time without eating, but not as long as a year. In room temperature environments, most bed bugs can survive for 2-3 months. In colder temperatures, they may survive longer.

  • Myth - If you have bed bugs you need to get rid of infested clothing and furniture.

  • Truth - Clothing and furniture can be inspected and treated to get rid of bed bugs.

  • Myth - Bedbugs are only found in your bed.

  • Truth - These insects need to be where a host is going to be, for an extended period. If in the bedroom, they will come out at night while the host is sleeping, from hiding places such as the frame and headboard of the bed, behind any loose or peeling wallpaper, cracks in wood-work or plaster, from behind ward-robes or bedside cabinets. In the lounge area, they favour soft furnishings and are often found around the arm joints of armchairs and settees.

What should you do if you have Bedbugs?

You will need to contact a professional pest control company to come and eradicate your problem. If you suspect an active infestation book a professional bed bug treatment as soon as possible! Call us now on 0203 600 0401

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