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Are Heat Treatments Worth It?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Do you think you have a Bedbug problem in your property or work place? Do you need it treated quickly by a professional to a very high standard? Call 0203 600 0401

If you have a bedbug infestation make sure you call a professional company. Please

DO NOT do any of the things listed below!

- Incredibly fast eradication: Heat treatments are the quickest and most effective method of getting rid of a pest infestation.

- Eradicates most pests: It is most commonly used for bed bugs, moths and cockroaches, but is also very effective against other insects like: fleas, beetles and woodworm.

- Gets rid off the eggs not just the main pest: Once the heat treatments machine reaches the ‘kill temperature’, all life stages of insects are destroyed, including eggs, larval stage and pupa. If a basic spray treatment us put in place other than a heat treatment then the Eggs are not affected by any of the chemicals used, which is why heat treatments are the better method. - Single Treatment: Rather than having to do 3 separate treatments, the heat treatment machines only need to be used one time to eradicate your problem.

- Very Safe: Heat treatments reduce the risk of chemical reactions.

- Chemical-free: Heat Treatments treats items that can be re-used quickly afterwards, with no residual side effects.

With all our Heat treatments they come with a full 6 month guarantee, full property surveys are required before any treatment can take place, there is a checklist of things required of the client and for our heat specialist team, this will help us to carry out the heat treatment to its full expectation.

If you find out that you have a bedbug infestation make sure to get in contact with us ASAP! Your problem will get out of hand before you know it. You will need to contact a professional pest control company to come and eradicate your problem. If you suspect an active infestation book a professional bed bug treatment as soon as possible! Call us now on 0203 600 0401. Click here for our website.

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