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What Shouldn't You Do If You Think You Have Bedbugs?

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

When people realise they have bedbugs they are sometimes very quick to react but are they reacting in the right way? Make sure to read the whole blog to understand the major things you should not do!

Do you think you have a Bedbug problem in your property or work place? Do you need it treated quickly by a professional to a very high standard? Call 0203 600 0401

If you have a bedbug infestation make sure you call a professional company. Please

DO NOT do any of the things listed below!

What are some mistakes people make when they find out they have bed bugs?

  • Remove their beds, sofas or furniture.

  • Rip up and get rid of all their carpets.

  • Throw their clothing in the bins.

  • They get new clothing, and put them into bedbug infested wardrobes and dressers.

  • They buy cheap insecticides, this will then make the bedbugs go into the furnishing even deeper so they can avoid the chemicals.

  • People think alcohol can get rid of them so they rub alcohol in there furniture, this can cause fire hazards!

  • Put their clothes in the freezer.

  • Put their clothes in a dryer for a long period of time but don't treat the rest of their house.

  • People assume Bedbugs only live in beds because of their name, this is wrong, they lives in crevices, wallpaper, bedside cabinets, clothes and many other places.

  • Never check electronics (stereos, clocks, alarms, tv's, computers, etc.)

  • Treat their home to get rid of the bedbugs but do not get rid of the eggs.

  • Most importantly, they do NOTHING!

If you find out that you have a bedbug infestation make sure to get in contact with us ASAP! Your problem will get out of hand before you know it. You will need to contact a professional pest control company to come and eradicate your problem. If you suspect an active infestation book a professional bed bug treatment as soon as possible! Call us now on 0203 600 0401.

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